Time of Flight Diffraction Ultrasonic Testing

It is important that storage tanks and pressure vessels meet the highest of industry standards of safety and compliance. Here are NDT Group, we always aim to give you that assurance that you are maintaining the integrity and efficiency of your assets with our range of non-destructive testing services.

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What is Time-of-Flight Diffraction?

Time-of-Flight Diffraction (ToFD) is a form of Ultrasonic Testing. It uses sound waves to detect cracks and faults deep within structures. Two probes are fitted to the component; one sends out the sound waves and the other collects the return. The results are immediately available, and a permanent record can be kept.

What is Time-of-Flight Diffraction used to detect?

In particular, this method is great for perfectly measuring the dimensions of any internal crack defects and defects of any orientation can be detected. Planer defects that are not perpendicular to the measured surface can be detected.

It is perfect for testing storage tanks, pressure vessels, clad materials, piping, and structural steel.

What limitations does ToFD have?

As there is a “dead zone” that the probes cannot detect, just under the surface of the component, the ToFD method is always used in conjunction with another NDT service. Any welds that it is analysing must be accessible from both sides, and it works best on thicker welds and materials.

Think you might need ToFD testing?

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When to use this service

  • For storage tanks and pressure vessels.
  • For pipework.
  • For structural steel.
  • For clad material.

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